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Image Sizes in WordPress

How to Create Custom Thumbnails and Set Image Cropping in WordPress

This article explores the details of thumbnail cropping in WordPress and provides code examples to help you achieve the desired appearance of your website’s thumbnails.

WordPress Web Development Agency

7 Reasons to Hire a WordPress Development Agency for your next website redesign

Discover 7 compelling reasons to hire a WordPress development agency for your website needs. From unmatched expertise in WordPress to access to premium plugins, reliable managed hosting, and cutting-edge solutions, this blog highlights the benefits of partnering with a professional agency.

Yoast SEO FAQ Block Customizations

How to Convert the Yoast SEO FAQ Block into an Accordion

The Yoast SEO FAQ Block is missing styling and accordion behavior, learn how to add it with simple css and javascript examples.

program script digital wallpaper

How custom WordPress themes make page building easier

When clients approach us about building their site in WordPress, we recommend Custom WordPress Theme Development. We have other custom web design solutions that may…