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Image Sizes in WordPress

How to Create Custom Thumbnails and Set Image Cropping in WordPress

This article explores the details of thumbnail cropping in WordPress and provides code examples to help you achieve the desired appearance of your website’s thumbnails.

Technical SEO for WordPress

Technical SEO Guide and Solutions for WordPress Websites

Understand how technical SEO and efficient web design impact your WordPress website. Discover tools to optimize for speed, mobile, and content organization for improved rankings.

Wordpress web designer

What is a WordPress Web Designer?

Discover what a WordPress designer is, proficiencies needed, and their distinct method of creating websites.

Yoast SEO FAQ Block Customizations

How to Convert the Yoast SEO FAQ Block into an Accordion

The Yoast SEO FAQ Block is missing styling and accordion behavior, learn how to add it with simple css and javascript examples.

Why you shouldn’t use purchased WordPress themes

Using purchased WordPress themes may sound like a great way to save money on WordPress development costs. And it can be for those that need…