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Website Security Hardening

10 Ways to Harden Your WordPress Site for Better Security

Explore 10 essential strategies to harden your WordPress site against security threats, from SSL hardening and XSS prevention to implementing a robust Permissions Policy. Secure your site with our comprehensive guide, featuring practical tips and advanced security measures for WordPress owners.

WordPress Security Escaping

Escaping HTML in WordPress Templates to Improve Security

Explore the vital role of HTML content escaping in WordPress security. Learn to mitigate risks like malicious injections and compromised plugins with WordPress escaping functions.

WordPress Performance and Security Solutions

WordPress Website Performance and Security Issues and Solutions

Discover the challenges faced by WordPress websites, from plugin bloat to security risks. Learn why valuing your site matters. Get expert insights on staying updated and secure.

WordPress Security

Ten things you should do right now to protect your WordPress website

Ensuring the security of your WordPress website is critical to your business. Hackers are constantly searching for vulnerabilities to exploit, making it crucial for website…

WordPress Security user Enumeration

Understanding User Enumeration Vulnerability in WordPress

What is the WordPress REST API User Enumeration vulnerability? One vulnerability that is of low severity, according to Acunetix, but can pose a significant threat…