How custom WordPress themes make page building easier

When clients approach us about building their site in WordPress, we recommend Custom WordPress Theme Development. We have other custom web design solutions that may fit their needs. Here’s the three main varieties:

  1. Design a full set of design previews and build a custom theme.
  2. Design mockups and build the site using a blank child theme giving them Gutenberg page builder options

We provide custom page building with the exact amount of control you need.

We use ACF Flexible Content fields to create a separation between your data and the display.

  • Content and branding inform design, not the other way around.
  • We have direct access to creating new layout types for your site, allowing you to control your content.
  • The responsibility of layout and design is left to the designer, not the content manager.
Page Layouts in WordPress ACF Flexible Fields
ACF Page Building Sections

You can select from as many layout blocks as we create for your site. Each of these layout blocks have configuration options so that you can add variety to your layouts and visuals. You have the freedom of choice, without having to be a layout designer yourself. We love it too because we can use the tools in place to create stunning layouts for you that match your brand. In addition to our configuration options solution allows you to duplicate, clone, add, remove, reorder, collapse and hide.

What page builder should you use?

If page builders are what you are looking for, we recommend using the WordPress Gutenberg editor. It’s now the new standard for WordPress editing. You can visit the new Gutenberg editing experience for WordPress and try it out. For most of our small businesses in Orlando, we find that the Gutenberg editor works great for smaller sites. It allows for content variety in your WordPress posts and pages.

Benefits to Gutenberg

  • You can use custom blocks plugins such as Kadence Blocks to give you endless design possibilities.
  • Utilize the new features of Gutenberg to help clients create more optimized blog posts and reaching their SEO goals.
Kadence Blocks for Page Building
Kadence Blocks

Custom WordPress Theme Development Pricing

We provide solutions for two types of websites with our basic WordPress website package. We do not build sites with purchased themes, but we do provide support and maintenance for any theme including sites using a purchased theme.

  1. High Price Point: Custom built WordPress website built from the ground up based on your unique requirements using the best WordPress plugins, clean templates, developer tools and code frameworks.
  2. Low Price Point: Custom website design that use the popular theme framework Kadence and WordPress’ Gutenberg editor.

Reach out to us to get a quote if you would like to discuss how we can help improve your page building experience.

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