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Internal Linking Strategies for SEO

Internal Linking Strategies to Boost Rankings

Learn to create effective internal linking strategies to help boost your website’s ranking and help visitors (and search engines) find your content.

Website Security Hardening

10 Ways to Harden Your WordPress Site for Better Security

Explore 10 essential strategies to harden your WordPress site against security threats, from SSL hardening and XSS prevention to implementing a robust Permissions Policy. Secure your site with our comprehensive guide, featuring practical tips and advanced security measures for WordPress owners.

Exact Match Keywords SEO

Balancing Exact Match and Semantic Keywords for Optimal SEO

Explore our In-depth guide on balancing exact and semantic keyword matches. Learn the effective use of SEO plugins and discover strategies for creating content for search engines and readers.

Ultimate WordPress Maintenance Checklist

The Ultimate WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist

This article covers the essential WordPress Website Maintenance tasks you need to perform to keep your site healthy.

Image Sizes in WordPress

How to Create Custom Thumbnails and Set Image Cropping in WordPress

This article explores the details of thumbnail cropping in WordPress and provides code examples to help you achieve the desired appearance of your website’s thumbnails.

Better Organic SEO

Mastering Organic SEO: Strategies for High Search Engine Rankings

This comprehensive guide will provide insights into SEO strategies that can help you achieve high search engine rankings and drive website traffic. Keep reading to learn key strategies for mastering organic SEO.

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The Cost of Web Design in Orlando and What to Expect

Discover the factors affecting web design costs in Orlando. Learn how to budget for your project and get a personalized quote from local web design experts.

Technical SEO for WordPress

Technical SEO Guide and Solutions for WordPress Websites

Understand how technical SEO and efficient web design impact your WordPress website. Discover tools to optimize for speed, mobile, and content organization for improved rankings.

Orlando Florida Web Designers

Afteractive Receives 2023 Local Excellence Award For Orlando by UpCity

We are proud to announce that Afteractive has been recognized for a Local Excellence Award by UpCity!

Best Practices in Web Design

7 Best Practices for Designing Effective Websites

Discovering key strategies for an exceptional user experience. From intuitive navigation to compelling aesthetics, this article covers strategies to create effective and engaging website

Wordpress web designer

What is a WordPress Web Designer?

Discover what a WordPress designer is, proficiencies needed, and their distinct method of creating websites.

WordPress Security Escaping

Escaping HTML in WordPress Templates to Improve Security

Explore the vital role of HTML content escaping in WordPress security. Learn to mitigate risks like malicious injections and compromised plugins with WordPress escaping functions.

WordPress Performance and Security Solutions

WordPress Website Performance and Security Issues and Solutions

Discover the challenges faced by WordPress websites, from plugin bloat to security risks. Learn why valuing your site matters. Get expert insights on staying updated and secure.

Logo Redesign

The Logo Redesign Checklist: Transforming Your Brand’s Identity

This article explores the logo redesign process, its significance, and a comprehensive checklist for success.

Design Principles in Web Design

Understanding the 7 Principles of Design Used in Web Design

Master the 7 key web design principles – Emphasis, Balance, Contrast, Repetition, Proportion, Movement, and White Space – for stunning, user-friendly websites.

Website going down

Why WordPress websites go down and solutions to fix downtime

Learn about high-availability hosting, database optimization, security, and how our maintenance plans ensure the best uptime.

WordPress Security

Ten things you should do right now to protect your WordPress website

Ensuring the security of your WordPress website is critical to your business. Hackers are constantly searching for vulnerabilities to exploit, making it crucial for website…

WordPress Web Development Agency

7 Reasons to Hire a WordPress Development Agency for your next website redesign

Discover 7 compelling reasons to hire a WordPress development agency for your website needs. From unmatched expertise in WordPress to access to premium plugins, reliable managed hosting, and cutting-edge solutions, this blog highlights the benefits of partnering with a professional agency.

Yoast SEO FAQ Block Customizations

How to Convert the Yoast SEO FAQ Block into an Accordion

The Yoast SEO FAQ Block is missing styling and accordion behavior, learn how to add it with simple css and javascript examples.

WordPress Security user Enumeration

Understanding User Enumeration Vulnerability in WordPress

What is the WordPress REST API User Enumeration vulnerability? One vulnerability that is of low severity, according to Acunetix, but can pose a significant threat…

Website Maitenance

The Importance of Maintaining Your WordPress Website

Discover the importance of maintaining your WordPress site to ensure optimal performance, security, and stability.

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Afteractive Receives 2022 Best of Florida Award Winner by UpCity

We are proud to announce that Afteractive has been recognized as a Best of Florida Award winner by UpCity!

Orlando Lake Eola Park

Clutch Names Afteractive as one of the Leading Web Designers in Orlando for 2022

Our team has been recently named as one of the leading web designers in Orlando by Clutch.

program script digital wallpaper

How custom WordPress themes make page building easier

When clients approach us about building their site in WordPress, we recommend Custom WordPress Theme Development. We have other custom web design solutions that may…